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Marble Texture

G Ramon Byrne

Works in Stone

Artist’s Biography

G Ramon Byrne, born in Lone Pine, CA,   Third generation stone mason and artist.


Moving to Big Sur, CA in the early 70’s he became apprenticed to Big Sur’s renowned wood sculptor Edmund Kara. After a few years Ramon began carving stone and has been doing so ever since. Ramon’s background in stone masonry and hardscape design, as well as the more than 30 years he spent living on the

Big Sur coast, have been a significant influence to his unique style.

His interest in the metaphysical and the works of Carl Jung add a depth to his work that reflects his inner mindscape and the intimate relationship he has developed with nature.

He has designed and created a large variety of abstract and figurative stone sculpture as well as commissioned hardscapes, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, grottos, mosaics, stone benches, tables, and indoor and out door fireplaces. Although he no longer does masonry or stone wall work he is available to create monumental and smaller types of sculpting commissions.

Ramon Byrne currently makes his home in Ventura, CA, where he works from his studio at Art City, an incredible haven

and inspiration for stone carvers.

Ramon is a participating artist at The Artist’s Union Gallery in Ventura, as well as a member of the Board of Directors, and serves as the chairman of the gallery’s maintenance and construction committee. He was elected as AUG’s vice president in 2006, and plays a very dedicated role on the Gallery committee.

Ramon has worked as an instructor/demonstrator for the annual Sculptors Symposium at Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, CA. and has facilitated stone sculpting workshops at Esalan Institute, Big Sur, CA. He also teaches individual students, by way of occasional instruction from his studio at Art City.


Ramon’s work has been installed in many public and private locations throughout Northern and Southern California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Artist Statement

As a third - generation stonemason and stone sculptor I have been intimately involved with stone since I was 20 years old and have been in the craft ever since.

My approach to my personal art is immensely passionate, and metaphysical, as the joy of creating something reflects so many aspects of myself.

I believe every piece to be part of an ongoing autobiography. Each new piece of art that I create, reflects my skills,

my interests, my style and my evolution as an artist, technically and emotionally. It also reflects my current relationship with my environment and myself.

Artistically Speaking,
G. Ramon Byrne

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